Looking to Sell Your House Quickly?

We have the Solution for you. Just BE DONE, and Start a new Chapter of Life!

Are You Looking to Sell Your House Quickly in Renton?

Selling a house is a big decision, and it can be very stressful! Are you looking to sell your house quickly to a local cash buyer in Renton or any nearby area in King County? I am sorry if you have been through a tough situation in life, and finally decide to just sell the property to solve the issue?

Owning a real estate is great, but NOT FREE! Can you handle the Stress?

If it’s you and you’re looking for someone that can help you sell your house fast without doing any work to the house? Angel Home Solution is the right place! We buy houses as-is, in any condition, and we buy in almost any situation.

It doesn’t matter:

  • if you are in probate,
  • if you are in a tough situation in a relationship and decide to divorce and decide to liquidate the house,
  • if the house is in a rough shape need a lot of works
  • if you are just tired of being a landlord, “I’m tired of working with the tenant, that doesn’t pay and destroy my property”.

Whatever that might be, we’ll be able to help and find a solution that best fits you.

explore all your options to pick the best solution with us at Angel Home Solution

More than just buying your house, we help figure out the best options! we find the option that is best for you, we don’t have to buy the house to solve the issue!

If we can save the house, if we can help you find a way to save it, we will try our best to do that, even that means referring you to other people, other professionals!

I recently went to a new dentist. I was crack a tooth, and I was hoping to pull it out. The doctor and staff spend the time to get to know me, and evaluate the issue, and understand my need. Didn’t try to take advantage of me. In the end, she was able to save the tooth by feeling, not even have to pull it out. So I got my problem fixed for Less, and it’s less painful.

That’s where we are, that’s what we operate at Angel Home Solution.

If you are looking to explore your options, see what you can do with the house, if you decide to sell the property, we are here for you at Angel Home Solution. Fill out this short form below to get in touch and see all your options.

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What Happen After I Fill out The Form?

We will get the info to start evaluating the property for you. In parallel, you will be able to fill out more detail you want us to know on the next page. If you prefer, you can give us a call directly at 425-272-9299. After we review the info, one of us will give you a quick call, within 10 min.

so be sure to have your phone handy in the next 2-10min. The call should be 10 to 15min. We will get to know you, get some information about the property, about the situation and we’ll go from there. At the end of the call, if there are any next steps that should be taken, you can let us know.

When do I know What Is My Best Option?

If you are interested in moving forward, we are happy to set up an appointment with our home specialist.

After the appointment, you know exactly what we can offer for you, you know exactly what the best options for you!

If you decide to take the other option we’re happy to refer you, like I said we don’t buy every house! not everyone should!

Not everyone should pull out the tooth. You might be looking to sell your house quickly, but not everyone should sell their house As-Is to a local cash buyer if you don’t have to!

It is ok to Say “No”

We work in probably one out of five clients, so if you meet our requirements, and we are your best fit as well! We move quickly to close on your timeline.

“Yes” is good, and your house is SOLD, but “NO” is ok too!

Yes” is good, and we will buy your house with fair cash offer; however, if you don’t like our price or term, the timeline is not right, you want to list with an agent or keep the house, “No” is totally OK too! We don’t want to waste your time or our time if we are not the best fit!

Here’s what you get out of this

You’ll be able to sell your house quickly and hassle-free. The offer is NO obligations.

Just let go that stress, walk out with cash in your pocket, within whatever your timeline is, whether that’s 7 or 14 day or 30 to 45 days.

It will be the easiest selling process you will ever experience. We have an internal concierge checklist to assist you with the best Customer Experience!

Concierge Checklist to make sure you get quality service

Why You Should Solve Your Issue Now?

Why you should solve it now? I don’t meant sell your house to Angel Home Solution. If there’s a problem it’s better to solve it now immediately ASAP, you know like yesterday!

Time doesn’t stop

Like the teeth, if I don’t fix it now, the only option I have is really pulling out. I won’t be able to fix it, to save, and it’s gonna cost more, and it’s gonna be more painful.

The Same thing with property and financial issue right?

  • If you don’t take care of that now
  • the problem not gonna fix itself!
  • the house not gonna fix itself!
  • It only gonna cost more to fix it a year from now!
  • the bank will not be gentle!

The Bank will want the house for free if you are in pre-foreclosure or behind on your mortgage, for an extended period of time, and by that time you lose everything! and there is no return! It’s going to get worse, day after day.

That is the reason why you should act now! Doesn’t matter if you work with us or work with others, whatever it is to solve the issue! do it now!!!

Why It Is Safe to Work with Angel Home Solution?

Why should you work with Angel Home Solution?
We always have a 3rd party in our transaction to protect you and us, and we have CASH ready when we commit to you!!!

Why it is safe to work with us? If you do decide to work with us,

like before I go to the dentist, I read their website. I read their review if clients recommended them. They seem to be really serious about this business and really take customer service to the next level, so I decide to give it a shot! No regret at all!

We operate the same way here at Angel Home Solution! You’ll know every step of the way! You’ll be informed. Whatever we commit to you, we will perform! we really big in customer service too! You can read everything about us, and we are everywhere on the internet!!!

If you could spend a couple of minutes watching the testimonials, and see what other client has to say working with us. Those are honest reviews!!!

“Concern buyers renegotiate!” “We Appreciate the Forthrightness”

Angel Home Solution Review Sell my house fast in Auburn Aaron

“Everything has been great, super easy!” “No Inspection, No Appraisal, You make it easy for us”

Angel Home Solution Testimonial_We buy houses in Kent

“Good communication, on time and does what he says.  Very enjoyable!”

Angel Home Solution Review_Xina happy client

“Jack always puts other people’s interest over his own”

We have been helping Jack manage his investment properties for a couple years now. Jack has been a great client to work with and always puts other people’s interest over his own. We are looking forward to a continued relationship in the years to come.

James Hernandez, Haven Property Management

“He is friendly, trustworthy, and can close purchase transactions in a timely manner.”

Jack is an active Cash Buyer, who conducts his business in a manner that assures that all parties to the transaction will benefit.  It is easy to work with Jack. He is friendly, trustworthy, and can close purchase transactions in a timely manner.
George Pressley, Real Estate Broker, Green Path Real Estate

“Jack is an ACTIVE CASH Buyer, who can perform and deliver”

Jack is an ACTIVE CASH Buyer, who can perform and deliver. We would not hesitate to work with him again in any project.  If you have any questions about Mr. Ung or his projects, you can contact me at 206-362-4444.

Chris Leighton – WADOT Capital Inc

What else do you need when you are looking to sell your house quickly?

how to sell my hoarder house? You are not alone, and we buy houses like yours all the time! You don’t have to clean them!

Here’s more we can help: You might be stuck or stressful about moving, help with the moving, What are you going to do with those many years of stuff. I know it is a big deal selling a house, where you’re gonna go!

Also, If we could release some moving expenses before closing, will that help you out?

We will take care of the closing process, the paperwork, the title insurance, whatever related to closing the property.

Leaving Money on the Table?

Fear of leaving money on the table?

You are looking to sell your house quickly, so how do you know that you are not leaving money on the table?

It is a fair question…

“I don’t know”!

You can shop 5 other investors in the local area, and coordinate all the number of showings, and going through different processes to get the offer.

By that time, we might have committed to another serious seller who we can help NOW, and might not be able to help you. But I understand it is a big risk of leaving money on the table without talking to 5 other buyers.

When you shop, make sure you are working with someone local and legit business. How do I know if I am working with a scam house buyer, you might ask???

I don’t have a straight answer for you! You just have to go through their process. I am sure you saw a ton of Yellow Sign on the street with just Phone Number… Try Google the number!

Here is the question that you have to answer yourself, we can’t answer that for you!

Which one is more important to you?

Is that fear of leaving money on the table more important or The guaranteed to Solve your Issue you are having NOW, and get to where you need to be or do what you have been wanted to do after selling the burden house is more important? is closing quickly on your timeline, on the price you expected without any issue Important?

If your answer is you want to make sure you get every dollar you can from the house, you should check out 7 steps to sell your house for top dollar and list the house with a real estate agent, and also follow this guild to sell your house for top dollar.

Or maybe it is ok if the buyer renegotiates with you later or NOT Close on your house when you were expecting them to. Maybe it is ok and you have the time to go through the process again, but you definitely need that potential extra $2000-$3000.

Which one more important? that couple bucks different or starting a new life chapter NOW?

starting a new life chapter

Want Angel Home Solution Commitment Now, but…

If we can’t help you, we will have to help others who are more serious and ready for us to help now!

“I want Angel Home Solution commitment now, so I can guaranty to sell my house on the date I need, and on the price, we agreed on, but how do I guarantee I got the best offer for my house and not leaving money on the table if I decide to work with Angel Home Solution???” The answer is still “You don’t”!!

What I can tell you is:

A legit local cash buyer will give you a fair offer that is right around the same price. Here is why: (and you are getting the best deal from us!)

  • We all are run into similar costs (like closing cost, business overhead, title and escrow cost, selling cost, material cost, contractor cost, business cost… we are a small business, we might be operating at less cost)
  • We look at the same data as far as determine the value for your house
  • We are in a small market, and we mostly know everyone else… You might be talking to Vitor, Keith, Jon, Sam… just to name a few of my friends.

*****If it is a legit cash offer, send me the written offer, I will try to get approval to match or give you an extra $2,000 on top of that to make it work for you… I don’t want you to feel that you are leaving money on the table when working with Angel Home Solution.

What I can tell you as well is:

We helped many clients every month from referrals and new clients, who didn’t have to shop around to get what they need and Fair Best offer from us.

Those who shop around still decided to work with us at the end.

( even when they were offered more!!!—- they even told me they don’t want me to match and I don’t have to because they know how much we made—-transparency is how we operate! )

You can hear it first hand from Aaron sharing how we found Angel Home Solution and why he decided to work with us when he got a higher offer (Yes he got $3000 or $5000 more, over our offer!)

“I feel very secure working with this company”

“Others make me feel like dealing with a car sale man”

Company that buys houses

We Are a Small Local Company

It’s important to reach out ASAP If you think we have the option for you! We are a small business, as much as we want to help our clients and community, we can buy only a couple of houses a month, once we tapped out, we tapped out!

We won’t be able to buy more property until we sold the property that we rehab or we have the rental and refinanced to take out the money, so we can buy more property!

If we buy a couple of houses already, we cannot help you! If we give you the commitment, then we just turn everyone away, until we can buy some more next month. Reach out quickly to see if we can still buy your house now!

Just be DONE with that house!

Enough is Enough, time to solve this!
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here’s the recap: we buy houses in any condition any property in any situation.

We help you beyond buying the house. We’ll help you identify the possible solutions, so that you potentially can save the property if there is a slim chain. Right! why not explore that?

Then what you get is either you save the property, solve the issue or

We can help you solve the issue: You’ll be able to get rid up a property, if you are looking to sell your house quickly. Able to Wash Your Hand and Get Out Free, and then get the money in your pocket within a day or two, same day after closing normally!

Then move on to the next chapter! Give up whatever hurting you now, so that you can build a better life, a better next chapter!

What I want you to do is fill out the form below or give us a call at 425-272-9299 to explore your option.

Enough is Enough, time to solve this!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We will get in touch and go from there. The call is quick, no pressure!

My assistant will get to know you get some information about the property, about the situation, and we’ll go from there. and you determine if there are any next steps that should be taken.

You can schedule a call with me or we’ll do a walk-through on the house, and see exactly what we can offer for you if you still decide to sell quickly.

Here’s why it’s safe: I would check out the testimonial see what other people have to say! In just a couple minutes you will find out what they say, what they experienced, and what was the outcome.

Why it is important to solve the issue quickly. Solve the problem now is less painful, cost less VS waiting. The situation gets worse and worse day by day.

We only buy a couple of properties a month, so if we tap out, we tapped out! Reach out to us so we can give you commitment, ASAP. The call doesn’t take long!

We will do a one-off offer, structure the deal such that it’s custom to your situation! and get everything you need and every concern will be taken care, with that offer! So you know exactly what you get, no surprises!

You’ll be informed every step of the way, and ultimately we want the five-star review from you and referral in the future of course! so that’s all we have… if that sounds like somebody that you would work with, please reach out to us at 425 272 9299.

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