Looking to Sell Your House Quickly in Kent?

We have the Solution for you. Just BE DONE, and Start a new Chapter of Life!

Are You Looking to Sell Your House Quickly in Kent?

Selling a house is a big decision, and it can be very stressful! Are you looking to sell your house quickly to a local cash buyer in Renton or any nearby area in King County? I am sorry if you have been through a tough situation in life, and finally decide to just sell the property to solve the issue?

Owning a real estate is great, but NOT FREE! Can you handle the Stress?

If it’s you and you’re looking for someone that can help you sell your house fast without doing any work to the house? Angel Home Solution is the right place! We buy houses as-is, in any condition, and we buy in almost any situation.

It doesn’t matter:

  • if you are in probate,
  • if you are in a tough situation in a relationship and decide to divorce and decide to liquidate the house,
  • if the house is in a rough shape need a lot of works
  • if you are just tired of being a landlord, “I’m tired of working with the tenant, that doesn’t pay and destroy my property”. or
  • if you need to move in 2 weeks!

Whatever that might be, we’ll be able to help and find a solution that best fits you.

explore all your options to pick the best solution with us at Angel Home Solution

More than just buying your house, we help figure out the best options! we find the option that is best for you, we don’t have to buy the house to solve the issue!

If we can save the house, if we can help you find a way to save it, we will try our best to do that, even that means referring you to other people, other professionals!

If you are looking to explore your options, see what you can do with the house, if you decide to sell the property, we are here for you at Angel Home Solution. Fill out this short form below to get in touch and see all your options.

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“Yes” is good, we buy your house. “NO” is OK too!

It is ok to Say “No”

We work in probably one out of five clients, so if you meet our requirements, and we are your best fit as well! We will buy your house.

Yes” is good, and we will buy your house with fair cash offer; however, if you don’t like our price or term, the timeline is not right, you want to list with an agent or keep the house, “No” is totally OK too! We don’t want to waste your time or our time if we are not the best fit!

Here’s what you get out of this

You’ll be able to sell your house quickly and hassle-free. The offer is NO obligations.

You can let go of that stress, walk away with cash in your pocket, on your timeline. It can be 7, 14, 30, or 45 days.

It will be the easiest selling process you will ever experience. We have an internal concierge checklist to assist you with the best Customer Experience!

Concierge Checklist to make sure you get quality service

Why Should I Sell My House Now?

Why you should solve your issue now? I don’t mean to sell your house to Angel Home Solution. If there’s a problem it’s better to solve it now!…..ASAP, you know like yesterday!

If you don’t take care of that now:

  • Problem not gonna fix itself!
  • The house not gonna fix itself!
  • It only gonna cost more to fix it a year from now!
  • The bank will not be gentle! You might accumulate a lot of Late Fee, Penalty, Interest, and damage your credit.
Time doesn’t stop

The Bank will want the house for free if you are in pre-foreclosure or behind on your mortgage, for an extended period of time. There is no return! Why lose everything? What is your friend and family think of you?

That is the reason why you should act now! Doesn’t matter if you work with us or work with others, whatever it is to solve the issue! do it now!!! It could be as simple as connecting with the right people or refinance your house!

Is It Safe to Work with Angel Home Solution?

Why should you work with Angel Home Solution?
We always have a 3rd party in our transaction to protect you and us, and we have CASH ready when we commit to you!!!

Why it is safe to work with us? If you do decide to work with us,

Like before I go to the dentist, I read their website. I read their review if clients recommended them. They seem to be really serious about this business and really take customer service to the next level, so I decided to give it a shot! No regret at all!

We operate the same way here at Angel Home Solution! You’ll know every step of the way! You’ll be informed. Whatever we commit to you, we will perform! we’re really big in customer service too!

Want to know what others said about us? Click to watch the testimonials below or keep reading.

Need Something else to sell your house quickly?

How can I sell my hoarder house in Kent? You are not alone, and we buy houses like yours all the time! No need to clean!

Here’s more: You might be stuck or stressed about moving, we can help with the moving expense! What are you going to do with those many years of stuff? I know it is a big deal selling a house, we are here with you!

Also, If we could release some moving expenses before closing, will that help you out?


No problem. We will take care of the closing process, the paperwork, the title insurance, whatever related to closing the property.

Leaving Money on the Table?

Fear of leaving money on the table?

Leaving Money on the Table?

It is a fair question… Everyone wants the best deal.

If your Ultimate goal is to get every penny you can from the house. Here is an article about 7 steps to sell your house for top dollar.

If you are going with a local company that buys houses for CASH, you will get a similar offer. Unless they are scam or use the re-negotiation tactic to lower your price later, when you ran out of time!

What is a high offer for if the “Buyer” can’t perform?–You got what you paid for!

You can shop 5 other investors who claim to be a local company that buys houses, and coordinate all the number of calls, showings, and going through different processes to get the offers. You should list your house with an agent instead :)… Or if you wait long enough, your house will appreciate, and you might get even more money!

When you shop, make sure you are working with someone local and legit business to avoid Lori’s case above.

How do I know if I am working with a scam house buyer? you might ask???

We’re in this for a Long Term Relationship

I don’t have a straight answer for you! You just have to go through their process. I’m sure you saw a ton of Yellow Sign on the street with just Phone Number… Try Google the number!

What I can also tell you is:

Angel Home Solution is one of the companies that buy houses in the areas for years, and we helped many clients sell their houses quickly without hassle or worries! More importantly, our clients become our good friends and recommending their friends who also needed to sell. I think it speaks for itself.

Here is the question that you have to answer yourself!

Angel Home Solution Offer to Buy Ron’s House Cash

Which one is more important to you?

Is the fear of leaving money on the table or the guaranteed price/closing date is more important?

How important is getting to where you want to be now? Time for your little kid, be done with your annoying tenant, or going to the beach for a month vacation and spending the quality time with your loved one, or just start a new chapter of life.

If your answer is you want to make sure you get every dollar you can from the house, you should check out 7 steps to sell your house for top dollar and list the house with a real estate agent, and also follow this guild to sell your house for top dollar.

Will Buyer Renegotiate?

Or maybe it is OK if the buyer renegotiates with you later or NOT Close on your house. Maybe it is OK and you have the time to go through the process again!

We had a client who got a 5K higher offer because they were greedy and just shared our offer for others to bid. But in the end, they bought the house for 205k (15K) less than our 220K original offer. They got what they paid for!

We felt sorry for them, but we TOLD THEM that is a very common tactic we saw… The couple actually reached back to us during the re-negotiation, but we already committed to a couple of different properties, so we turned them away.

Which one is more important? that couple thousands of dollars different or starting a new life chapter NOW?

Want Angel Home Solution Commitment Now, but…

If we can’t help you NOW, we will help others!

A legit local cash buyer will give you a fair offer that is right around the same price. Here is why:

  • We all are run into similar costs (like closing cost, business overhead, title and escrow cost, selling cost, material cost, contractor cost, business cost… (Angel Home Solution is a small business, less overhead, so we pass on the saving to you)
  • We look at the same data as far as determine the value for your house
  • We are in a small market, and we mostly know everyone else…
  • So it comes down to who you like to work with and who can really deliver on what they said.

I Don’t Want to be taken advantage of!

Do your homework is the best advice we have for you.

We know you are losing a lot of equity and taking a really BIG HIT! You definitely have a TON on your plate as well. Once you are ready to make a decision, just let us know, we will not waste your time or spin our own wheel. We will give you our very best offer.

Like Ron, he got our best offer! then he told us he got a 5K more offer. We give him our opinion and told him “be careful, they will re-negotiate, but we can’t match that… so good luck!”

Get a Second Opinion on the Cash Offer You Got?

If you have been working with others to sell your house quickly, you have that observation or somewhat somehow you felt skeptical about the whole cash buying process. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to get a second opinion from a professional like Angel Home Solution or want the benefit of the guaranteed price and closing date, and best services. We might not buying in your area, but here is what we can do for you for Free:

We will deep dive with you into the detail about your house, how much it need for rehab (yes we can determine that by just talking to you on the phone… so it doesn’t waste much of your time!), how much the house in the area are going for, and if your cash offer is legit or it is a scam, or someone plan to re-negotiate with you down the road.

If we are interested in buying houses in your area, we will try our best to see if we can do anything better both money part and nonmonetary benefit for you, or tell you “we can’t do any better, they will re-negotiate, and good luck if you still want to proceed with them”.–So you got FREE 2nd Opinion!

I don’t want you to feel that you are leaving money on the table when working with Angel Home Solution, but we guarantee you that we always give our best offer, but sometimes it is very heartbreaking because it is not close to retail market value… We love to do so, and we will buy more houses, but we just can’t… It is impossible!

Here is the truth about this business…

It is very risky and a lot of investment! We sometime made mistake too!

To close the loop on Ron’s house. The buyer wasn’t that lucky either. The house took 3 months to rehab (a lot of holding cost), and it sits on the market for 7 Months! Sold for Less than estimated!!! We were lucky we didn’t commit to it… We believe it is faith and GOD is protecting those who do the right thing!

Sometime the best deal is the deal you don’t get!

What I can tell you as well is:

We helped many clients every month from referrals and new clients, who didn’t have to shop around to get what they need and a fair cash offer from us.

Those who shop around still decided to work with us at the end.

You can hear it first hand from Aaron sharing how we found Angel Home Solution and why he decided to work with us when he got a higher offer (Yes he got an offer that was $3000 more!)

We Are a Small Local Company

It’s important to reach out ASAP If you think we have the option for you! We are a small business, as much as we want to help our clients and community, we can buy only a couple of houses a month, once we tapped out, we tapped out!

We won’t be able to buy more property until we sold the property that we rehab or we have the rental and refinanced to take out the money, so we can buy more property!

If we buy a couple of houses already, we cannot help you! If we give you the commitment, then we just turn everyone away, until we can buy some more next month. Reach out quickly to see if we can still buy your house now!

Just be DONE with that house!

Enough is Enough, time to solve this!
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