7 Steps to Sell Your House For Top Dollar in Kent

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Are you looking to sell your house for Top Dollar and Quickly in Kent, WA or the nearby area? I am going to walk you through 7 steps of what you can do to sell your house for top dollar, and relatively quickly.


You want to give your potential buyer families and wife a good first impression. Any Storage room should be cleaned. A lot of stuff? and very emotional because you inherited the house? these are 3 tips to prepare your inherited house.


Many sellers choose to pay for their pre-inspection. We do as well. To find out in advance what needs to be worked on, what is outdated, what is not meeting code. $500 will go a long way… You might have to disclose your findings and action is taken when you list.

Get things worked on only once is 3 time cheaper than rework!–This is true with working with permit inspector as well… don’t skip step because he/she might ask you to open up the wall again.

The truth is if you don’t, the buyer’s inspector will anyway… would you rather know now or later? Having asbestos ceiling or floor or lead paint on your old house?—maybe more compiling to hire an inspector, and consult with professional!

3-Repair and Touch up…

We Buy Ugly Houses, before rehab

Now that you have the list.. it is time to get to work… A fresh coat of paint is essential. If everything is original and outdated, you might want to put money where you give you the most return… New Kitchen, Appliances, New Bathroom, and New Mater Bathroom.

The open floor plan is the new thing! so if you have a 1960 kitchen space, it might be time to re-imagine and put a “wow” and a “smiley face” when your buyer families walk in. This also applies to the master bedroom, if you had a weird layout, like walking through a bathroom or laundry room to get to the master.

Here are 7 common pitfalls people ran into rehabbing a house:

  • Time: GC/sub-contractor did not report to work and things take longer—here goes my project timeline!
  • Underestimating permitting process: things do take longer than expected… especially working with the government! You will have multiple inspection phases as well…Need to know your game!
  • More Money: Surprises after they start working on the defined scope of work—here goes more money, and I don’t have the negotiation power on the extra work and time cost more.
  • Hired Wrong GC: Everyone can say everything they wanted!
  • Scam GC: Some GC would demand the deposit as much as 50%, then disappear off the gride
  • Cause more damage: I “KNOW” everything, so I jump into some works myself sometimes… only to find out I cause more damage than helping…lol
  • Hurt myself: When you are in a time crunch, what do you do? You overdo and pass the LIMITE!

Now that you know 7 pitfalls we ran into rehabbing a house, and you can avoid them as much as you can. Look for more? Here are keys to success in Rehabbing Project


Get appraisal in advance to see what the bank is willing to loan at. Because nothing is worst than having an agreeable offer with Buyer, only to find out later that the bank only thinks the price of the house should be less.

Only 3 Choices therelower the price or Buyer comes up with more money to close the gap, or NOT selling your house! Like to hear your thought, which one will you go with?


Again, go back to that first impression! Don’t overkill it… At the minimum need to stage in Kitchen, Living room with sofa set and table. Dining room. Bathrooms, and a couple of bedrooms if you can. Don’t forget about Pictures… A lot of Pictures! Check this 4 Tips to repair your house for Real Estate Photography and Staging to sell your house for top dollar in Kent: 4 TIPS for Real Estate Photography and Staging 101 to Sell Your Home in Renton

—quick plug here because we like to share the best of the best:

The Agent we hire all the time is offering discounted full listing service, and he has killer staging service and price! Call me at 425-272-9299 and ask me to connect you for FREE. Perfect transition to the next key to selling your house relatively quickly and for top dollar!


Price Right Sold FAST After Rehab

When I say sell your house relatively Quickly and Top Dollar… I meant every word!!! Relatively quick, but you still have to go through that standard transaction wait time, 3-6 months from where we started from Step1. Relatively Top Dollar meant you won’t get a million-dollar for your house. You get the Market Value that the Appraiser and Your agent guested.

It is a prediction based on houses Sold in your area with in the last 3 months within 1 miles radius… Not all houses are the same, no 2 buyers are alike… So it is a quest, but if you follow my 7 steps to sell your house for top dollar, you are likely to get close to the market top dollar. So another key here is to hire an agent that is credible and highly experience. Totally worth the 3% agent commission! If you don’t have one already… I am happy to connect… No brainer, since we got you negotiated for a discount as well!


This is the last step that needs your work, but it is just the beginning. The show just began, and I am excited for you already! This is also where and why the great agent got paid and worth every penny as well!

Ready to get the TOP Dollar for your House?

We follow these 7 steps to sell our house for top dollar in Kent or pretty much everywhere in Washington all the time. Clear, Inspect, Repair and Touch Up, Appraisal, Stage, and Price! It is your turn, are you ready to follow these 7 steps to get the top dollar for your house? and hopefully, sell your house quickly for the most cash you can?

Rehabbing a house is not for everyone!

Rehabbing a house and get all of these 7 steps above done is not for everyone! Like I wouldn’t work on my own car because:

  • I don’t want to
  • I don’t know-how
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t want to get my hand dirty
  • my time is more valuable, and I would rather SAVE this time for my family
  • what if I made a more costly mistake along the way

While there are people who love to work on cars all day long. Whatever the case might be for you. If you want to do it, great. Here is the rehab spec you can download for FREE: Sample Rehab Specification Download

If you would rather be done with this house, and let go of the stress and move on. We are here for you just a phone call away. Anytime!

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