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Probate General Process from Start to Finish

Probate General Process Angel Home Solution

General Probate Process in Renton, Washington

  1. Open the Probate Process:

    Probate Court Angel Home Solution
    • Attorney going to court to present the case
    • Get a case started
    • Start probate process
  2. Serving all the heirs with probate paper work according to the final will

  3. Notice to all creditors with publishing in news paper

    • They have 4 months to make claim against the estate per Washington State Probate Process
  4. Inventory of the estate

    • Bank accounts
    • Properties
    • Personal properties
    • Vehicles
    • Any kind of retirement accounts
    • These won’t be filed, but to be kept in your file to show upon requested
  5. Final Accounting of the estate, after 4-months wait period from initial filling of probate process

  6. Transfer properties and move to Closing the estate and probate process

If you need to sell your inherited house in Renton, you may do so, before or during the process by

  1. Rehab and List the probate property with an agent you trust

  2. Rehab the property and put a good tenant family, and manage the rental for the probate property

  3. Sell your probate property to a local cash buyer like Angel Home Solution, who will

    • Buy As-Is and responsible for all the fix up and clean up
    • Pay off any out standing debt to stop any interest charge, and put more money in your pocket
Cash Buyer Angel Home Solution

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