Angel Home Solution Special Announcement related to Covit-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic

Hey Angel Home Solution family, this is Jack, the Co-founder of Angel Home Solution. I’ve got a special announcement related to Covit 19 or coronavirus pandemic.

Now, it’s a serious video, it’s one that you’re gonna wanna pay attention to.

I know that you are afraid, that this is going to destroy you, and you have no idea what it’s going to look like on the other side.

How can you protect yourself?

How can you protect your family?

Coronavirus is a real threat

So, the first thing y’all is this is serious.

I was skeptical downplaying the seriousness of the illness. Is it a media hip? and let’s just move on with normal life.

People being impacted on this health-wise! there are people who are losing their lives, 394 to 421 people in Washington as of today. 9097 contracted the virus.

We need to treat it seriously.

What is Coronavirus and how it kills you?

I saw an amazing video from Dr. Vuong.

Talking about the coronavirus detail and why the doctor can’t save us! Thanks to all amazing front line heroes. Spending countless hours and risking their lives and their family’s lives to save others.

Fighting Coronavirus

Also And an amazing battle Chris Cuomo, the New York Governor’s brother, fighting with the Coronavirus,

Stay Home Order

You might feel like your freedom was taken away, that you are controlled by the government, like a message from an Idaho’s Representative. It is our right, and we must use it the right way. We have to do our part the right way. We all can help. Sometimes that means just stay home if you can.

Easter is a big deal

Easter is coming. It is a big deal. Believe and love is in our heart. My mentor church was suffered. Over 20 people were contracting the virus. Many are recovering, but 1 was unfortunately passed away. I know you love your fellow believer, I know you have no intention of harming others. So please do your part the right way and help fight this Covit19!

We are all in this together.

Economic Impact from Coronavirus

The next thing is, the real impact that we’re all seeing, is the economic impact.

Obviously, as states are closing down implementing the stay-home initiative. It’s essentially shutting down the economic engine of America and there’s no way that can’t impact all of us.

It is going to impact you and me.

So, the next thing is how is it impacting you and me as a homeowner, landlord, business owner.

From the news, the housing industry is stalling. Many listings were canceled, pending were failed, many sellers decided to hold off on selling their houses. Lenders are stopped approving loans. Lenders, private lenders and hard money lenders, some of them are kind of taking their money off the sidelines.

So, many buyers can’t get loans, even if they want to buy. Buyers are scary and wanted to wait as well.

Financial Hardship caused by Coronavirus

Some people experience job loss and financial hardship.

I created a video for those who are struggling to make a mortgage payment, Are You Struggle Making Mortgage Payment? where I show how you can work with your mortgage lender to delay or freeze your mortgage payment. I also have a video on how to get an assistant from SBC with the Economic Injury loan and grants, Economic Injury Loan and Grants for Small Business.

There are a lot more resources for us from the government stimulus package, state unemployment, and unemployment insurance. Update and Resources for our Tenants and Home Owner on COVD-19 or Coronavirus Impact.

We all can play a big role. We are waiving tenant late fee and any related fee if they can’t make the rent payment. We worked out a payment plan that only covers our mortgage payment or loan service.

Still need to pay the mortgage on time!

Do I still need to pay my mortgage?

Unfortunately, we all still have to pay mortgages every month. Some people miss understood if they need to pay their mortgage payment during coronavirus. If you can make the payment, please do. You might be able to easily get the mortgage forbearance approval for a short period of time, but you still have to catch up when that 3 or 6 months end. It is not forgiven, so if you can make the payment every month, you should avoid going too deep into the hole.

If enough people stop making the payment, we will see a significant impact in the housing market, that impacts you and me. And most property owners will be underwater or behind on their mortgage and end up in a pre-foreclosure, and risk losing their houses. 

What if you really need to sell your house quickly during coronavirus pandemic?

However, people are still looking to sell their house, regardless of how things are going.

There are people who inherited a house that they truly can’t afford the double mortgage, they don’t have the resources such as time, money, and knowledge to work on the house, and they want to sell as-is. They want to sell now before the house value drops significantly.

There are people who in a stressful relationship and it is bigger than this coronavirus pandemic. They want to split up and start different chapters like yesterday, and they got to take care of the house, sometimes they need to liquidate the house quickly during the divorce.

There are people who are having problems with tenants, they destroyed the house, and the property is now vacated.

There are people who already behind on the mortgage, and they couldn’t see a way to save the house, and they only have the option to sell or losing the house to the bank.

People are still looking to sell their house fast, and most of the time in an as-is condition. How can you sell your house fast? Can you still sell your house fast during the coronavirus pandemic in Renton or the nearby area?

But Am I safe to sell my house to any local house buyer?

As many people are venerable, there rises the scam.

We buy houses over the phone!

Because now you might not be meeting who claims to be a cash buyer and wanted to buy house cash! I am sure you have seen the yellow signs on the street everywhere. If you are wondering “Is it a scam to sell my house over the phone?” You can check out this article: Is it a scam buying a house over the phone?

I know you worried that investors will low ball you to death, and you scare that you will give your house away for free! We are still buying, but How do we work together to solve your real estate need, so we don’t destroy each other, and come out on the other side happen when this is all over?

Let’s face it!

No one knows what happens at the end of this pandemic. It is uneasy for you, and it is not very easy for us as well. We have a large stake on each property we bought.

How can Angel Home Solution help you selling your house during coronavirus?

There is are ways Angel Home Solution can offer the help, if you are considering selling your house for cash as-is, right now.

1-Fix and List offer. we both safe, and you get more cash for your house.

2-We agree on a fair price now, and if the market comes out strong we will try to get you some more money. We still take the risk if the market gets worst. This should give you an insurance policy so you are not risking losing money from the housing market downturn, and getting a fair offer for your house.

What are other challenges selling your house during coronavirus pandemic?

There are a couple more issues that you might be worried about:

1-Stay Home Infinitive—How do you meet your local cash buyer to sell your house fast? The answer is We buy over the phone! You can click the link to learn more: Is it a scam buying a house over the phone?

2-You probably don’t know what to do next. You probably don’t know what you should do since you can’t move stuff or move out of your house right now. You might think I don’t want to reach out because I can’t move out anyway, because we’re on a stay-at-home order for the next two to three weeks.

How do I can cash to take care of my URGENT Need now!?

How we have this taken care is:

1-close on the date that works best for you

2-help with moving assistant/fee

3-get your some cash upfront so you take care of urgent business

Our Core Value

But the biggest thing here is let’s go back to core values here at Angel Home Solution.

We are The Go-Giver!

We are here to provide solutions to your real estate issue, we are not back down especially when you need us the most. Do offer and do things that are better than buying houses fast! We are human too! We are in this tougher and support each other through hardship.

This is not about being opportunistic.

This is not about going out there and saying, hey, there’s blood on the streets. Like Warren Buffet says, there’s a lot of comments on Facebook saying: “hey guys, there’s blood on the streets, that’s when we need to invest”.

None of us should be wishing for anyone else to have pain. Where there’s pain, it means there’s a problem. Where there’s a problem, it means there’s the value that Angel Home Solution can add to solve that problem, whether we get paid or not. We will come out strong together!

We are stronger together!

Like my mentor Trevor Mauch said

be the beacon of positivity and possibility to those in your business, to those around you, and we’re all in this together.

COVID19 Angel Home Solution CEO Announcement
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