Update and Resources for our Tenants and Home Owner on COVD-19 or Coronavirus Impact

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To my dear Tenants and Angel Home Solution family, 2020 apparently a worth year yet for everyone around the globe. Our heart pressed condolences to families who lost their love ones, and maybe god with those who struggle.

This unprecedented situation will impact the lives of our tenants and many property owners like Angel Home Solution in many varying ways. Due to the new restrictions that have just been imposed by the State and Federal government, many of our tenants may find themselves in the situation of struggling to pay rent in the upcoming weeks.

Without a Federal halt on mortgages, Landlord and Tenant are equally struggling. Tenant relies on employment income to pay Rent, Landlord relies on the rental income to pay their mortgage. With business mandated closure, hiring freeze, and travel restriction, the economy as a whole is impacted.

In order to proactively assist in this situation, Angel Home Solution began to reach out to our tenants to share resources from the State’s Employment Security Department, which details emergency measures that have been approved in order to help individuals that are facing hardship from loss of work.

Please check out this link from Employment Security Department Washington state for further information:


For a quick guide from that department on what benefits would be available for specific scenarios, please see the following link:


Along with these measures, we are additionally waiving the following charges to tenants:

  • Late Fees For April
  • Notice Fees (in the event a pay-or-vacate must be issued.)

While these events very well may NOT impact some of the tenant’s ability to pay their rent, as most are very responsible, we believe in being prepared with a plan of action.

For other Landlord, and Angel Home Solution family, Should this unfortunate scenario occur, we would like to pass on a recommendation from the National Association of Residential Property Managers, for you to contact your mortgage lender about temporary mortgage relief and federal mortgage assistance to protect your credit, prevent foreclosure, and ensure your rental property remains available and on the market.”

Stressful with mortgage or rental!

If you were impacted by losing your job, and you also have a mortgage on your house, it doesn’t hurt to explore both to see what you can qualify for!

We will work with tenants to set up payment plans should the need arise, as well as adjust policies and procedures as this situation develops, particularly in regard to new Federal and State guidelines.

Sharing is caring! Let’s Demonstrate and be the Role Model

During a hard time, sharing is caring. We are all impacted to an extend. We chip in our portion to help as much as we can, so please don’t take advantage of us. Selfishness will not go far!

Besides that financial help and relief, we also implemented Clean and Secure way to buy houses fast from our clients who need to sell their house quickly, even during this Coronavirus struggle. We can work with you on the phone, and complete everything online to about 90%, including signing off on the paperwork, so you will have exposure risk.

We take Precaution so You And Your Family Are Protected

When we need to walk through the house for inspection, we will be wearing a mask, and gloves, sanitize where needed. We won’t be shaking hand or hi-five, so please we are not rude :)!

Update and Resources for Tenant and Home Owner on Covit19 or Coronavirus impact
Update and Resources for Tenant and Home Owner on Covit19 or Coronavirus Impact
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