This is Why We Are OPEN to help you sell your house FAST

Should we close Business Temporarily Or should I face the risk of Coronavirus and keep helping Who needs to sell their house FAST? It is very scary out there. CNN World just released a fact about what you need to know: -Nearly a third of the world’s population is under movement restrictions. -NYC is the … Continued

What you should know before selling your inherited house?

Hey just finished an appointment with Amy. She inherited a house in Kent, and looking to sell her house AS-IS. If you inherited property as well, Here are what you should know before selling your inherited house in Kent or nearby area. I will share: A little bit why Amy reach out to sell her … Continued

Sell My Inherited House Live Call with Angel Home Solution

Transcription Opening: 00:00it is jack with Angel Home Solution. have you00:03ever wondered what happened when you00:05give a local cash buyer called00:07what’s a conversation gonna be like is00:10it gonna be super pressure you know try00:13to make you sell all the time so he had00:15angel solution we believe in00:17transparency right and we don’t believe00:20in pushing you two … Continued

7 steps to sell your house for top dollar

Are you looking to sell your house for Top Dollar and Quickly in Kent or the nearby area? I am going to walk you through 7 steps of what you can do to sell your house for top dollar, and relatively quickly. 1-Clean… You want to give your potential buyer families and wife a good … Continued

Is it a scam buying a house over the phone?

Can someone really buy a house over the phone? I am sharing what it is exactly when I meant buying over the phone, with our Clean and Secured Way to buy houses. How does Buying Over Phone work? Is it a scam to buy a house over the phone without seeing the property? Testimonial from … Continued

Lower Your Mortgage Payment or Cash Out

Like everything thing else, life is going up and down. Sometimes there is a need for extra cash, or sometimes we need to trim off some of the expenses. A mortgage usually the first one to come up, because about 80% of America, over 50% of their income are going into mortgage expenses. So either … Continued

Looking to Sell Your House Quickly?

Are You Looking to Sell Your House Quickly in Renton? Selling a house is a big decision, and it can be very stressful! Are you looking to sell your house quickly to a local cash buyer in Renton or any nearby area in King County? I am sorry if you have been through a tough … Continued

How to sell a stressful house?

Have you been so stressful in a certain situation in life? and you need to sell your house ASAP? Angel Home Solution might be able to help! We offer more than just buying your house. So if you’ve been asking yourself “I need to sell my house fast what do I do?” We can answer … Continued

Need to sell my house ASAP?

Asking yourself I need to sell my house ASAP? Check out this video to see why many people works with Angel Home Solution, and what we can help you beyond buying your house fair cash offer? Also be careful and be protective for Coronavirus or Covit19… It spread like crazy. One might argue that Flu … Continued

How Landlords Can Save Money Making Repairs In Renton

There are many ways landlords can save money on their Renton rental properties. To bring more value to the property you must make upgrades and repairs. You can find ways to save money making repairs in order to always keep your property in tip-top shape. Learn more about our cost-saving techniques in our latest post. … Continued

6 Things To Know Before Selling Your House On Your Own In Renton

There are a few things you should know before selling your house on your own in Renton. In our latest post, get the information you need to make the right decision before attempting to sell your house on your own.  Many people believe that they can sell their house with a for sale by owner … Continued

How To Handle Tenant Complaints in Renton

As a real estate investor, it is inevitable… you will need to know how to fairly and efficiently handle tenant complaints. Whether the complaints are unfounded or have merit, how you handle them is incredibly important. Learn more about the best practices in our latest post! People all have different standards of living. As such, … Continued