This is Why We Are OPEN to help you sell your house FAST

This is Why We Are OPEN to help you sell your house FAST

Should we close Business Temporarily Or should I face the risk of Coronavirus and keep helping Who needs to sell their house FAST?

It is very scary out there. CNN World just released a fact about what you need to know:

-Nearly a third of the world’s population is under movement restrictions.

-NYC is the epicenter of the US Outbreak, doubling every 3 days

-Spain now has more deaths than China

-Italy has the most deaths anywhere,,, really?

-The US agreed on 2 Trillion Stimulus Package

It is scary. This is a total shit show. I know you are scared to death. I am too!

You scared this whole thing is going to get out of control and destroy you and your family.

I am risking my life meeting people, despite all the precautions… These cloths will go into the laundry as soon as I got home. Besides that part, I am scared of what the housing market will be after.

If we buy houses now, what happens the next 6 months, will we lose my shirt? We don’t make a lot, but we put a lot of money into each house we buy!

But I can’t be selfish, and just hiding when we are needed the most… 

We are here to provide you the solution you need. That is our core value… so be it! 

I totally understand during this difficult time:

1-People income is being cut off, your bloodline to support the family is blocked. 

2-Those who are distressed are even more distressed at this point.

3-Those who aren’t distressed, maybe seeing themselves in a distressing situation.

This sounds like we are looking to steal your equity from your house. 

But The only way out is the equity that the property owner is sitting on, but they are not gonna be able to sell their houses in a traditional retail method.

There are no buyers looking to buy houses. 

Realtor won’t be doing their things, We won’t be having open houses. So how can you sell your house fast?

Stay Home Initiative

We have all of these people who I believe will be in a situation where they need to take that equity and transform that into cash, so they can live their lives. How can you find a buyer if you need to sell your house quickly, but you need that cash, there is no government resources you can tap into… What do you do?

It seems like I am taking advantage of people. Honestly, if you can hold on, you should hold on to it. We might or might not be in recession after this.

For those who need cash now and need to sell your house quickly without doing any work to the house, or waiting for the best couple who love your house. Reach out to us.

We will give you a fair and best with a no-obligation offer. 

We treat all of our clients fairly.

It is my intention to treat you fairly, if at any point of time I’ve been unfair, let me know, we will go back and correct it.

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