Super Bowl 2020 Time


Looking for The Super Bowl 2020 time?

It is Sunday 2/2/2020 3:30pm PST on Fox… I was hoping they should have changing the time to 2:20pm, so that everything is 2 🙂 2 teams matching at 2:20pm on 2/2/2020 to be the best of 2020,,, lol

Anyway, what a nice day for the game for Chief and 49er and all of us! Enjoy the game and party with family from Angel Home Solution Family.

Nice day for Super Bawl 2020 in Seattle WA

If you haven’t seen the preview check out the preview from NFL Channel below:

Super Bowl LIV FULL Game Preview

Miami, Florida, USA; Helmets for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are placed in front of the Vince Lombardi Trophy during a press conference before Super Bowl LIV at Hilton Downtown. Love Richard Sherman, ex-SeaHawks player, and Love Chief, Patrick Mahomes! Who ever wins, America Wins!

Who is your favorite team?

However Here is the reality of life:

In reality, not all teams are happy… some didn’t make it to even to the play-off, after all the tireless effort, heart breaking injury, and tremendous training. Some ended their career in NFL. It is part of the game, part of life. Not everyone is fortunate and having great success.

But, don’t be discouraged! get the best out of worst situation… find the solution to bring you from where you are to where you want to be,,, at least a better place to be…

At Angel Home Solution, we provide solutions and options that bring our clients from where they were to where they needed to be! These are some stories on who we helped:

In Divorce Situation

Some of our clients were stuck and stressful with their real estate. Some were in relationship issue and decided to divorce, where they decided to liquidated their house quickly, like Aaron and Sharon, without doing any work to the house and close quickly before they can’t get a hold of each other anymore, after divorced moving to different directions. We were able to get what they were looking for, helped with moving expenses for both, and closed on their timeline after they confirmed on moving to new places. It was just a smooth transaction.

Inherited Houses

Some were fortunate or unfortunate to inherit houses from their family, along with inheriting the mortgages or maintenance of the houses. Most of the houses we helped our clients from Probate or Inherited Houses are pretty rough, a lot of deferred maintenance and issues, out dated, and a lot of stuffs. Like Scott, suddenly his dad passed away, rest in peace, so Scott suddenly have to pay 2 mortgages, that was a total of $3,500 per month… not sustainable. He also had to deal with probate processes. He didn’t have the fund to fix up and list the house, even after we told him we can help with the rehab fund if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to messed up with never ended rehab that the house would need, on top of his full time job, bills were already tough. So we worked with him, and released a significant amount of money before we close, so he could take care of the urgent matters, paying credit carts, utility bills, mortgages,,, while waiting for the proceed from closing… He received a large proceed from the sale... we knew that, and it was our goal… giving our client the best we can with fair cash offer to buy the house every-time, understanding during the tough time, you need that boost to start new chapter in life.

Tired Landlord

Some were tired landlords who somehow managed to own properties and rentals 1000 miles aways in Washington! we worked with many client like Dean who lives in Anchorage, Alaska or other part of the country. He found us, and asked us: “I’m looking to sell my rental, can you help me sell my rental fast in Burien?” So we learned about the situation. He had tenant who never takes care of the property, trashed the place, late on payment, not responsive, not cooperative. He had concern that him not being in the state, he would be having difficulty selling the place because the tenant wouldn’t cooperate to have buyer access the property, not cooperate on moving out and give up possession. He was very concern about evicting tenant…. We took care of all of that…. You can evict tenant or you can let us take care of the eviction… no big deal!…..So at the end, Dean was able to enjoy his real retirement, took care of his folks, and spending time with families and his grand kits…

Do you know anyone in similar situation?

or any situations that causes them looking to sell their house quickly or just need to sell anytime? Click to learn more on how we buy houses.

compare the options or just call us today at (425) 272-9299, we can help! No pressure… We will not try to sell you anything, since we don’t have any thing to sell :)…

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