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What happen when I call We Buy House Company_Live Call with Amy to sell her inherited house in Kent



00:00it is jack with Angel Home Solution. have you00:03ever wondered what happened when you00:05give a local cash buyer called00:07what’s a conversation gonna be like is00:10it gonna be super pressure you know try00:13to make you sell all the time so he had00:15angel solution we believe in00:17transparency right and we don’t believe00:20in pushing you two against the wall you00:23know try to take advantage of you00:25we try to be you know a help right we00:28want to discover what we need to do to00:31be a while you add for you so that we00:33can be a partner you know we help you00:35sell your house we buy your house you00:38know so we can keep doing what we do and00:40you can move on to your next chapter00:42whatever that might be and you know so I00:46just received a phone call from one of00:49my come in and I happen to hang it up so00:52that I can record it. it’s not gonna be a conversation because I want00:57to protect privacy just gonna talk about01:00what what my say is and01:03hopefully you understand how the flow of01:06the conversation go. it is01:09just a conversation that’s what we see if we find out we are not01:14the best fit you know right the best we01:17don’t want to waste your time our time01:19you know we have a lot of people that we01:21help but so anyway I hope this is adding01:24value and you know give you us you give01:27you some peace of mind when you give01:30someone a call or angel home solution01:32appalled01:33so enjoy Thanks.

During the call

calling right now01:53hi this is Jack with angel solution I’m01:56returning a call about property that my01:58before sells do have a right number here02:01oh great great02:03am I speaking with Amy please oh okay02:06cool02:07hey hi Amy um this is Jack again – I’m02:09with angel home solution how can I help02:11you02:19okay okay okay great yeah oh you mean02:27here the property that is good wait is02:31it there okay in in Kent okay cool02:39sweet sweet thank you um do you happen02:42to have the address Andy for us all02:50right02:51129 place out is Kim02:54Washington nine eight zero is it not02:59easier you’re at 92 we won Oh perfect03:03perfect cool great um you know fi I to03:08this call might be recorded for quality03:10and training purposes03:12um we’re not gonna share any personal03:13informations so don’t worry about that03:16um great typically people you know who03:20call you don’t want to know how much we03:22can offer for their property and all03:24that um do you have those same type of03:26questions sounds good sounds good do you03:31have about five minutes so I can kind of03:33you know as a few question about the03:35property a few fact question about your03:39situations oh great great okay03:43after that you know I’ll let you know03:44what your options are and you know you03:48can just let me know what would you like03:51to do okay great03:54what is your name again Amy okay what is04:05the best phone number for you and me04:11okay what is the form of contact would04:18you’d like to have you know what is your04:21preferred method of contact is it text04:25email or phone call okay phone call04:28that’s good04:29what time is the best phone best time to04:32give you a call back I mean to give you04:34a call all right all right before noon04:39that’s good yeah that’s that’s perfect04:43what would you like to us to email you04:46on you know I will contact informations04:51got it um so Amy I was now I’m going to04:57run through some quick questions about04:59the property is that okay with you05:01cool um can you you know imagine close05:05your eye and imagine I am in front of05:07your house right now would you walk me05:10through the condition of the property05:12actually would thanks cool for three05:21okay Wow it’s a big house about 2,30005:28square foot that’s that’s big05:30I assume it is it is a 2 2 story house05:33cool nice okay are there any major or05:39minor repair you haven’t mentioned that05:42need to be done okay05:46okay that deciding okay you might have05:52one of those um LP siding right oh yeah05:57cool not a problem we buy house with06:00that all the time you know sometimes we06:02can fix that sometime you can be pleased06:04and pained to to shield it06:08sometimes we just have to pull the whole06:10thing now if it is raw – that not a06:13problem though meant by the way how did06:17you feel power us um you know I I was06:20just curious all the time when client06:22calls I want to know how they find us06:24and you know where can we what can we be06:29more visible right oh cool yeah cool06:33yeah go Google is great you know it’s06:36pretty transparent and we have you know06:40climb on us that way all the time and it06:43is you know it take a lot of credibility06:47a lot of reputation to you to get to own06:50Google trust and you know let let them06:54they let they let the Audion you know06:57know who we are so it is amazing but07:01it’s it’s a lot of work I tell you07:04amazing perfect thank you um is it is07:09anyone living in a property right now or07:11oh it’s making okay man how long have07:21you owned the property oh yeah okay that07:26taught me sooner I’m sorry it’s Judah07:28should have known that he’s just in here07:30the property um but how long how long07:32have your family you know your dad my07:36condolences to to is passed away – get07:39lost – by the way maybe a rest in peace07:43so Wow he owned it for 15 years that’s07:47that’s pretty cool mmm07:53cool man it it sounds like a great07:56property and it’s in a really great07:58location – you know I know the area08:01really well and we drive around ken a08:03lot and I believe that is the one that a08:07little bit down the healed and when you08:09come down the healed on the on the right08:12side you see them the rainy mountain08:14mountain is that right08:17cuz yeah yeah we we work in that area08:20law08:22cool08:24is there anything I’ll do you like us to08:26know about that I haven’t asked yeah08:32yeah the outdated kitchen I would assume08:35it’s all originals that not not a08:37problem typically we’ll pull it all out08:39cool08:41oh you you worry about also the stuff08:44that inside a house you don’t know what08:46to do08:47yeah totally totally um you know on our08:52next cult when we structure the one-off08:55offer for you I happy to tell you08:59exactly what we can do to help you on09:02that and everything else you know that09:04that concerns you go with that later09:07but it seemed like you know my my ten09:10minute my 10 minute is about to run out09:13it’s it’s sound like a great property09:15that we we want to buy I’m not sure if09:19you have time to to keep going or you09:22have to take off and and run some09:24business I have time cool okay keep09:29going09:29okay that’s good um thank you for doing09:32that you know it should take us another09:34ten minute and you know we’ll see how09:36it’s go and and go from there okay09:39sounds good many it’s the property sound09:43like a really nice property that we’re09:46really in stress interested in and you09:48know if it’s not good for for flipped09:50we’ll probably keep it as a rental it’s09:53a really great property after you have09:56you consider keeping it okay oh yeah10:07yeah the mortgage stuff I told you10:09understand yeah yeah totally man it’s10:18tough especially something going on10:21around here to the corner I couldn’t you10:23know10:24coronavirus thing men it’s tough on but10:28you know we we hanging in there10:33cool all right yeah okay you don’t want10:45you to rehab that in endless with an10:47Asian total respect it how do you have10:52you consider keep it in a that’s a10:54rental you know um that probably a good10:57way to to earn some cash flow and stuff11:00too and I think you might be able to to11:04get a pretty good friend for that11:06property in their area11:07oh okay yeah oh man that’s not the11:15monkey is a lot mmm I see11:21man you doing better than that most11:25people or that I hate that I hear um you11:28obviously do better than I didn’t do11:30anyway um I understand it would be a11:34negative cash flow and you don’t want to11:36chipping in every month to maintain the11:40property and yeah no totally it’s it’s11:44tough and having a job – cool how long11:53have you been thinking about selling oh11:57really11:58okay cool um you know if you decide to12:02sell to us or anyone else would you like12:05to do it within 30 day night day or12:07sometime for Dallas oh okay12:14by the end of the month12:16man we or okay I think I think we we can12:20we can we might be able to pull that12:21there’s a lot of um you know the man on12:24refinancing right now so the title12:27company and escrow company really pop12:29downs but we’ve been working a lot with12:32them I will see what we can do to push12:35it through and you know we’ll get it for12:37our tight for you that’s that’s ah that12:40sounds good okay so I’ll make sure to12:43have it12:44lows by idea another one um sweet why12:52the end of the Monday mmm yeah totally13:00makes them yeah yeah I’m sorry to hear13:03that13:06cool okay that’s not that’s not a13:09problem I’ll get it done for you if you13:13buy the property well we need to pay off13:16any tax lien or mortgage okay okay13:24yeah sounds good sounds good yeah I know13:27I know the I’m okay now you just told me13:29earlier cool I haven’t done you know my13:34research yet do you happen to know what13:36house in a of yours oh you don’t know um13:43you know you know those those how’s that13:47that’s old13:48you probably probably have some13:51expectations you know okay okay yeah yes13:58sure sure you saw it on Zillow yeah cool14:06all right cool you probably have and14:14it’s it’s crazy you are you it just I14:17think are you expecting your property14:19you can get a more or less for your14:22property in NASA’s Commission’s okay Wow14:31Wow14:37cool okay14:42okay sounds good14:44um you know it’s from from year I think14:47it’s it is it has some potential I might14:50be able to to help you out with that and14:53you know it sound like a property you’d14:55like to make an offer on typically our14:59next step is we will help have our home15:04buyer specialist give you a halt and it15:08can be you know either myself or one of15:10my college after we do the evaluation of15:15the property okay sounds good you know a15:27couple way that we can we can do in15:31helping to minimize the spread is we15:34have the cleaned and secure way to buy15:37houses procedure so how it work is we15:41will have most octor most of the process15:44means of the tests and over the phone or15:46in internet you know to be emailed and15:50then after it is time to do a15:53walk-through to work fly their property15:55conditions we will just be there and if15:58you want to be at the house um you’re16:00fine you’ll be fine staying there to16:03minimize the the shakehand and we’re not16:07gonna spread the germ but if you don’t16:11want to be there you know we can16:12coordinate somehow to get the key to get16:15the access later later on if be enough16:19moving forward so typically from here16:22you know we’ll schedule another called16:25um to see what exactly you get what16:28other options you might be you should be16:31considering in terms of you know what16:33your gold um how would you like to go16:36from here okay okay16:40yeah happy to do that let me look at the16:43calendar real quick so look like on week16:49and we can schedule something for two16:53o’clock tomorrow would that work for you16:54oh okay sounds good sounds good oh I’m17:03glad I’m glad you can you can make it if17:06anything you know if anything come up17:09and you can make that appointment17:12how would you let me know sweet17:17okay all right thank you um you are in a17:22good end you know we’ll give you will17:26give you a call to a clock tomorrow and17:28we’ll go exactly the offer and you know17:32what you should expect if everything17:35works that’s great in a love to bada the17:38property if it is you know it’s not work17:40for some reason you don’t like a price17:42you don’t like the timeline totally cool17:46with that no it’s okay to what we ask is17:50in open honest communications um no just17:54just tell us and oh sure yeah yeah it17:59sounds good um cool all right thank you18:05so much for your call Amy. we’re looking forward to talking to you tomorrow then, all righty bye!

Closing after Call

all right18:15um so that’s how the call girl um you18:19know it is really the first step and we18:23haven’t done any research on a property18:26after we after we done done and after we18:30do the analysis we’ll be able to figure18:33out what we can offer for the property18:35and go from there if it is the best fit18:38you know we’ll move quickly it is if it18:41is not if some someone else is better18:44help will help me to point to point you18:48me into the right directions you know18:50sometimes we refer people to real estate18:52agents and it’s up to them to you to see18:56you know if that is a better fit daph18:58and sort of question themself is it more19:00important19:00to sell the house now close on their19:03timeline um you know with with a an19:08exact price or is it more important to19:11you know get the most from the property19:14you know it’s it’s made more sense right19:16if the property can be sick on a market19:20for certain period of time it made all19:24those tend to just keep it unless you19:27know for for a better price you know19:30there’s always options out there and you19:34know if you have if you have enough time19:36to to crime through and to dig on every19:40options help me find out good options19:42but if you need to if you need to go now19:46if you need to close now if you need to19:49sell the property now we are the right19:51choice and are you pretty sure that we19:54are the best option out there in terms19:55of cash buy an option to so anyway I19:58hope you enjoyed this life called and20:02you know the goal is to to give you the20:06transparency how it’s feel like before20:08you give us a call so you don’t freaked20:10out you know exactly what do you expect20:13the time it take so I am on my timeline20:18all the time so you know that’s who we20:22are20:22what we what we do and if there is any20:25question if you have any doubt of any20:27concern is it a scam that some of them20:31someone buy my house for cash close20:33quickly and it’s too good to be true20:36it’s not with us at angel home solution20:39we do that all the time we cannot save20:42order yeah happy to answer any question20:45okay thanks leave in a comment below -20:48if you have any questions and/or if20:51there is anything you think we should20:53improve to to maybe sue you know to20:57maybe help you as a seller you know21:01perspective right sometimes we forget21:03about that whatever we can do to improve21:06your experience will all in for that21:09thank you so much bye

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