Looking to Sell My House Quickly Right NOW!

Looking to Sell my house quickly right now?
Are you looking to sell your house quickly right now? Can you wait?

“I am looking to sell my house quickly, RIGHT NOW!!!”

Sometimes LIFE is not coming and going as we wish it to be… Sometimes it could be a sudden change from something unexpectedly, like a Coronavirus outbreak! Covit19 has taken thousands of people’s lives, put a sudden brake to the world and costing us trillions of dollars! You might be directly or indirectly impacted as well. As a result, you might be thinking about selling your house or be asking yourself “How can I really sell my house quickly right now, when it is so crazy out there?”

We can help, but…

At Angel Home Solution, we are still working remotely and helping clients every day. We still buy houses right now despite the crazy market and uncertainty. No one has a crystal ball of what will happen in the next 3 to 6 months, whether we are heading a big recession or not, or maybe we are already in with the $2 trillion dollar inflation or wherever that money come from. (more than likely from your tax dollar and mine)… Anyway, we are happy to help and buy your house, but can you WAIT? It is not the best time to sell during coronavirus pandemic.

But I am really struggling financially…

Totally understand, selling your house is a huge deal… No one wants to sell if one has a choice. If you can’t solve the issue with the financial support from government, resources from your lender, i.e. stop or freeze your mortgage payment temporarily. It is called a mortgage forbearance.

What is Mortgage Forbearance

It is an assistant program that most mortgage lenders offer to help you during financial hardship. It is a short term solution, where you don’t have to make the regular payment. It could be no payment for 3 or 6 months, or partial payment, or interest-only payment. It is not free or be forgiven. You still have to pay back or catch up somehow after the forbearance period over!!! (scratching my head how in the world someone can suddenly catch up after not paying for 3 to 6 months,,, but it is an option that might work for you!)

Nothing work and I need to sell my house NOW

If you explored all the options, but nothing is a silver bullet for your situation, for instance, you inherited a house that you don’t want, you can’t pay that extra mortgage on your inherited house, you and your soon-to-be-ex decided to divorce, and you both decided to liquidate the house before you partway, or you are just being a tired landlord and want to be done with those crazy tenants… in any case, selling now is your best choice.

Angel Home Solution is here for you, and we promise to treat you fairly like other happy clients we helped. If at any point in time, we tread you unfairly, let us know we will go back and make it right!

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