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Angel Home Solution Review by Aaron on his experience working with Angel Home Solution:


Hi my name is Aaron and I went with Jack Ung for selling our house quickly. When you are doing that you are not a very good place. Jack made the whole thing easier for us, and really was concerned about what we concerned about.

and he took the time to really walk us through everything and make everything clear, and made it really easy. The whole process was very easy.

I would recommend him, highly recommend him!

Jack: Awesome! Thank You Aaron. Aaron, would you mind sharing A little bit of your situation? As much as you are willing to share, nothing personal. just so everyone kind of understand who we are helping. best of all how did we impact you. How Angel Home Solution impacted you by what we do.

Aaron: Well, I’m sure it happens to a lot of people.

We are getting divorced, so we need to liquidate quickly. he really took care of both of our feelings to understand it is a difficult time.


I’m glad to hear that we do really impacts you, and you know help you in a real way.

Going into this process you kind of have a concern that buyer, a local buyer would just contract you. Get you the price that initially sounds good but then comes back and renegotiate. In the process, was there any sign of we tried to renegotiate the price?


No, and I’m glad you brought that up because that was a real concern with us because you know we talked to a few people they said: “oh yeah. they’ll give you a price, and then they’ll come back and nickel and dime to you to death.”

It always was straightforward we got the price that he gave us. It is not like they gave you a price and then looked around saying oh no we can’t do that.

so… We really appreciated the forthrightness of this company, and Jack especially, so I really would recommend him.


Awesome! sounds good Aaron. thank

you so much for the business and your trust. It means a world to us!

Angel Home Solution Review Sell my house fast in Auburn Aaron
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