Are you a real estate agent, and your client is looking for a local cash buyer that buys houses during coronavirus pandemic?

Are You a Real Estate Agent? and wonder who buys houses during Coronavirus crazy time?

Love to connect with the best local agent like you!

I just got a call from one of my agents, that we work with all the time.

He just gave me a call if we are still buying houses, still buying houses for cash during this coronavirus time?

I thought I would share this so that we can reach out to more people. We buy! We still buy houses during coronavirus pandemic crazy time.

We’re still looking for houses. It probably takes us a little more time, because of other people schedule, but we still getting the property and then planning the clothes on them for they the coming months so that we can get out strong, and

Why we buy houses during coronavirus?

More importantly, we want to help people during this difficult time, if they need to sell! This is Why We Are OPEN to help you sell your house FAST.

people are dealing with different situations and it can be very stressful!

Understand it was not a typical time to find you a normal buyer anymore.

The bank will not lend more money! we are pretty much in a lockdown period right now, but as we are using cash to buy properties, we’ll still be able to close and as soon as we get a property that makes sense for us to buy, and makes sense for the seller to sell.

How do we close?

If the number made financial sense, we move really quickly! and then we can close as-is. We can buy as-is, so the seller doesn’t do anything, and we’re gonna buy the cash as well, so there’s no Bank approval problem! Here is our process we buy houses fast.

We don’t do any inspection as well, so no appraisal don’t worry about any of that. and then your client, your seller will not have to clean up the property or move anything at all.

I understand it’s probably a little bit difficult to find different places to move and stuff, so we can work on their schedule whenever they want to close, whenever they want to move out we can move accordingly!

What are we looking for?–Long Term Relationship

I want to point out also if you don’t mind working with real estate investor, cash buyer in the area! if you’re NOT only working with a first-time homebuyer.

I would like to connect! I would like to do a long term relationship, working with you in more deals on the property that makes sense for us, makes sense for your seller or your client.

If you are looking for someone that can perform, can actually buy cash and close on the timeline that we agreed upon, you’re at the right place! I hope we will add value to each other and we’ll keep a long-term relationship.

We’ve been working with multiple real estate agents in the area, but we wanted to reach out more, so we can impact we can help more people doing the hard time, like during this coronavirus or covit19 pandemic or other event and situation!

Please reach out by filling out the form below or give me a call directly at 425-256-3373!

Just be DONE with that house!

Enough is Enough, time to solve this!
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Are you a real estate agent? find a cash buyer for your seller during coronavirus?
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