Want Extra Income, You Can Get $500 a Week

Want Extra Income, You Can Get $500 a Week

Video Transcript:

Hi there, this Jack from Angel Home Solution. So we just released a program where we do offer Referral fee and stuff, So you can make extra income, if you want.

I just want to leave this message out there, so just in case you see any houses similar to what we look for. I probably show the pictures at the end of the video or in the Description whatnot, but the picture of sample houses that we buy all the time.

If you see any of them, give me a call. We’ll be happy to kick something for it to worth your time. What important is if we close on those houses, if we end up buying those houses, you will have a large referral CASH right in your pocket unlimited. So there’s no limit. It’s only getting bigger, you know, ask the number of deals that you bring to us. This could be your extra income every month. What would you do with $500 per week, every month?

If you see any house like that boarded window, damaged house, hole on a siding, a lot of moss, overgrown on the roof, overgrown on the front yard, back yard, a lot of junk cars. You know it doesn’t matter what location and what area, we buy everything in King, Pierce and Snohomish County.

We mainly buy in King County. We buy houses in Renton, We buy houses in Kent, you name it, all around the county. So if you see any of them, hit me up, send me an email, or email at Jack.ung@angelhomesolution.com, or 425-256-3373. I’ll take down the information of the property just give me the address. It will be best if you could text me the picture as well. Then I’ll put in the system who bring the information over.

We’ll try to reach the homeowner. We don’t do anything illegal or try to trespass the property and whatnot. We have a system to talk with seller, and try to make a win-win situation. If we could accomplish something that is value-added to the owner, and they like what we offer, and you know the number makes sense for us to do business together, we’ll buy the property, quickly with cash, any condition. We don’t hold them accountable to do anything. We’ll buy As-IS.

After we closed on the property will reach out to you, and then hand you minimum $500 per house that we buy, minimum $500. If we can close more deals that you bring, we will increase the referral fee as we go. You would make extra income with this easy job. Just driving around the neighbor. Best of all, you help the owner with their real estate problem.

I hope we can do more business. Feel free to tell your friend and whoever you know. I have some some great great benefit for you guys. thank you or talk to you soon, bye-bye!

Hey Guys, have you seen any houses like these?Let me know i will kick back something to make it worth your time. When…

Posted by Angel Home Solution on Monday, March 4, 2019

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