Need to Sell My House Quickly in Bonney Lake

Need to sell my house Quickly in Bonney Lake, Washington

Hey this is jack with Angel Home Solution. Just finish a call with a seller in Bonney Lake. He went through a divorce situation and he decided to sell his house quickly.

Why Need to Sell Quickly in Divorce Situation?

Having a series of problem happened in life on top of being in Divorce is the tough situations like:

  • he was renting the house to his son and his son decided to buy another house and move out by the end of next month. umm, so there’s no way he can’t support the mortgage. he can not pay the bill by himself.
  • and on top of that, he has a job offer to a different state, while having the house here and family here.
  • Elder parents in Illinois to take care
  • and so kind of related issue all around.

How we help

How we were able to help him is we buy his house in Bonney Lake, WA directly:

  • offer what he needed to walk away for both of him and his wife, soon-to-be-ex, and
  • we were able to close on the timeline that will work for him for his son to move out and as quickly as they want it to be and
  • then they don’t have to move out as well an being a big go-giver offering everything that we could possibly can, and not having him to do anything to the house, just sell as-is

So hopefully, everything will go well. we don’t expect any issue, although there are probably some delays related to that Coronavirus Pandemic. People are working from home.

Open and Honest Communication

That is how we can help our clients. Throughout that conversation, we both were having honest and upfront communications. so that was really helpful, and he really appreciates that and I appreciate that as well. Anyway, that’s how we helped and how we buy property doing the coronavirus.

Does Angel Home Solution buy houses during Coronavirus (COVIT-19) Pandemic?

We still buy properties if you wondering if you can sell your property if you can sell your house during the corona pandemic give us a ring at (425) 272-9299, and if we haven’t tapped out yet we’ll help you out and give you the commitment.

As soon as we tapped out, we probably buy a couple more properties, we’d be done, for now. Just too much investment! We don’t want to be stretching too thin and not be able to have a buffer doing this crazy time and we don’t know what happened at the end of the tunnel.

so that’s who we are! if you need any help with real estate, don’t forget to reach out and see what your options available for your house okay? and right now I am just doing a quick relax after a long day working Saturday…um now playing with Jackson doing some stretch out and you know kicking the ball and stuff so the exercise of the day, as scheduled!

A FREE tool to Improve Qualify of Life

Also one more thing: if you are looking for a tracker to improve your life, to improve your habit, to improve your productivity, reach out to me as well. I’m happy to share what I use and it is a simple excel sheet. It is FREE so you don’t have to sign in, sign up or pay anything. Just want to share as much as I can.

Happy Easter for tomorrow and enjoy your family! enjoy your time with your family! be SAFE Thanks!

Dealing with divorce and your rental is vacant? need to sell your house quickly during Covit19
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