Didn’t Close This Renton House, Are We Real Buyer?

Didn't Close This Renton House, Are We Real Buyer?
Video Transcription

Jack: Hi there. This is Jack from Angel Home Solution. I’m here at the job site that we were evaluating for a rebuild. Unfortunately for this project, we have to cancel the contract, not because of the price, but because we couldn’t get septic to rebuild at this job site, just because of the soil type and the lot and the location of the property. For some reason it’s not feasible.

The benefit of working with us is of the network that we have been building throughout the year. For this job specifically, we talked to seven septic engineers just to make sure the result is not a one off. We made sure if there’s a way, we will make it happen. Unfortunately, all of them said about the same thing.

We talked to a architect and the city and stuff, try to find out a solution to a property. Usually we buy property for multiple purposes. We were evaluating this lot for other use, like putting a mobile home, or putting just a shop, putting a storage area, or even just having a lot for truck, for other purposes. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t allow that as a single residential zone.

All the number working out perfectly, we were able to negotiate with the seller for the price that worked for them and that will work for us too, but unfortunately, we could not get this rebuild to pass, so we end up cancel. Seller understand what’s going on. We still provide them with a great service, but unfortunately, we couldn’t buy the property.

Having that said, this video is really to show we are real buyer out here doing business. It’s not about sugar coated on the website and stories. We are real buyer. We just want to show these happening. We buy a lot of property, and sometimes we end up have to cancel just because it wouldn’t work. When we say it doesn’t work, we pretty much guarantee that it doesn’t work for anyone, with just the experience and the network that we have. For this job specifically too, I think we talked to about 20 large and small builders, just to make sure we not missing anything. Unfortunately, all of them talk about the same situation.

You can see the situation of the lot is really rough. That is the existing structure that need to be demo and removed. The lot has a little slope, and it is a little small too for a septic. Here is the neighbor, it’s not too bad. As I said, the property, we’ll pencil out. We will make it happen if we can get a new septic in for rebuild purposes, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.

We tell seller the option for them to work with too. Say, for example, if they could, for some reason, get an easement from these adjacent property to use those backyard area for the septic system. If we got a go ahead, we will send our engineer back and test the soil. If that happened, we will wrap the deal, but meanwhile, we will let seller think about the result, and we’ll go from there.

Benefit working with us also, all the feasibility, all the tests, all the fee that we hire expert come into the site and evaluate and stuff, it’s all cost to us. We cover all of that. Seller doesn’t have to pay anything. At the end, we provide them with the report to make sure they understand that we are not just making up story. We provided her with the report and provided all the facts about what we working on.

Seller really appreciate our effort, and that we go beyond the money. We really truly want to provide solution, knowing that seller is stuck with this property for over 20 years, not being able to do anything with the lot, but paying taxes every year and try to maintain the property, overgrown, code violation and stuff. We understand all that, and we really, really want to provide a solution, but unfortunately, we could not.

Here you go, the reality and what we actually do. Thank you. If you have any property or any issue, you want us to evaluate, or you want to get rid off your hand, give us a call. We definitely can help you out.

This property is located in Renton, so if you want to sell any of your Renton property fast and quickly, all cash, give us a call and we will happy to see what we can do. Thank you. Bye.

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