Angel Home Solution Review

Angel Home Solution Review
Video Transcription

Hi there. Jack from Angel Home Solution here. Are you looking to sell your house? And you are wondering, you know, whether the buyer is direct cash buyer, whether they’re going to low ball you afterward, you know, whether they are a serious cash buyer with credibility. You know, I suggest that you reach out to Angel Home Solution and also read our review from our professional circle. We have a lot of lending institute testimonial that they recommended us. They find working with us is a great partner. Outstanding reputation in real estate investing in the industry. Trustworthy and we have proven record of buying property, having rental, you know, with our property management and [inaudible 00:01:01] too. So they manage our portfolio.

We treat people right and there’s always a circle, whatever you do will come back to you. So that’s what we believe. We believe in helping people. And we are active cash buyers. We work with [inaudible 00:01:22] and other cash buyer in the area. If you have any questions please reach out to these professionals. You can find their contact on our page. If you need any resource and what not too, please reach out and I’ll make sure you earn, you get the same profit benefit from them that’s what they give us. Best of all, we just love to get back and help people whatever we can.

There is another case also where with Scott, was the one that we just recently helped. He inherited his home from his dad who passed away. May he rest in peace. We were able to come to an agreement on what he won. We had an offer from the get go. We’re not playing a game, we’re not low balling. It’s just straight forward. Be transparent, be open and offer exactly what we can do and we stick with that. He considered that a fair deal. He did talk around with people, getting multiple offers and what not too. But he considered our offer is a fair deal and he was shaking whether we can guarantee that price or not on what he offered. Will we then low ball him at the end of the process. He was concerned about that. So we were able to address that. He earned my respect. He was honest with me. So in return I promised him he earned my word. So we’re going to close with $250. We were not like other investors who are going to low ball you afterward because they didn’t set it up right.

The only way we can do that because we spend effort up front to evaluate the house, what it needed and what are the costs in the transaction. And then we showed Scott exactly what we are making. So we are an open book and that gives us the confidence to commit to what we offer and there is no issue in us closing that deal. It is simply a trust. He also mentioned he had multiple offers and one of them actually 10,000 more than what I am offer but he still believed in us and go with our route. He has no interest in asking for more from me although I was telling him that we might be able to reduce our profit down so we can at least probably give him more but he understands where we stand and the amount of work needed for the house and he considered our offer.

He find our offer to be fair and we are very competitive. It’s not the lowest and it’s not the highest we just want to be straight forward, upfront, and that paid off. The honesty, the open mind and the open book and the mind, the heart that [inaudible 00:04:48] are equal, right? It definitely paid off and for some reason he just wanted to stick around with me and I am grateful for that. We’re not going to screw him up. We’re not going to screw up ourselves. We’re not going to screw our reputations. So we are excited. As soon as the probably attorney give us a green light we will close on the property and start working right away.

So what we did promise Scott on this as well is as soon as we got the green light from the probate attorney that we can buy the house, we will release him $10,000 so he can use that money to deposit for his fifth wheeler that he was planning to do. He has a good course, a good faith, a good plan to go around the country with his fifth wheeler and just help people in his dad’s situation. He has a nursing certification so he wants to go in that business and we are grateful that we can impact these kind of people so that he can impact other people with the proceed that he was expecting. He will be in a good way, in a right track. So I am so happy for him.

But don’t trust my word. Reach out to me and find out whether we are the best fit for you. If we’re not, if we are not offering what you are looking for, obviously I don’t need to buy your house. But if you are looking for a real cash buyer that can perform and we’re not playing this game. We will tell you exactly what we can do and we’re going to stick with that. And performing is the key. If you’re looking for performing and if you are looking for ensuring the trust ability, the confidence and therefore you can plan ahead without having that failed plan because somebody couldn’t perform for you, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help you out. And you can always follow us on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn as well at Angel Home Solution like I said. We have tools to solve real estate issues or whatever your real estate issue is. Again, I thank you. I thank you so much for the time and opportunity and hopefully we can help you as we helped Scott.

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